Your task for this paper is to draw some comparative threads between these two n

Your task for this paper is to draw some comparative threads between these two novels and discuss similarities and contrasts in patterns, trends and motifs. Go beyond the obvious “uncontrolled-science-is-bad-for-us” thinking. Think of the two novels you have read and of the reactions they prompted. How did they make you feel? Why? Were you shocked at certain moments? Appalled? Thrilled? In disbelief? Did you detect any connections between the story lines and the symbolisms of the two works? This is the general frame. Then start brainstorming and isolate certain instances from both novels that reveal comparable mindsets and conclusions. To do so you may choose to discuss characters’ actions, dialogs, descriptions, motives, and/or the authors’ representation(s) of certain situations, characters and circumstances. You may also use relevant references, examples and quotes from any of the assigned essays, notes and other material.
You should begin this paper by having a clear comparable thesis. You are comparing two novels, two periods, one or two prominent theme(s) in the novels, and naturally one or more characters. Think small and avoid generalizations. Be aware of the distance between Shelley’s Romantic period and Ishiguro’s postmodern landscape. Build your thesis around a clear argument that emerges from your own reading and understanding of the novels, and your own curiosity to take it further. You are required to conduct your own research and use at least three secondary sources (articles, academic essays, books of criticism, profiles of the authors in credible publications such as the NYTimes, The Guardian and The New Yorker, among many others) written about the two novels, the authors and their periods you are writing about. This will help you: A/come up with a cleat argument if you don’t have one; B/back up your ideas if you already have them; C/Add and demonstrate further knowledge of your topic.