You will upload an up to one-page discussion reflecting on my final project ((me

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowYou will upload an up to one-page discussion reflecting on my final project ((memo letter).Here is an easy way to get you started on writing your entry. Picture you catching up with an old friend at a professional social meeting and you are telling them about this project that you just completed. Your peer sounds very interested in maybe doing the same thing and would like to know more details. You tell your friend that you will send them a one-page memo that explains what led you to do this project, how it is of benefit, and any details they might want them to consider closely if they decide to do the same thing, (and since you are proud of your work you also want to interest them, although you don’t say that you are selling them on the project). Please use the above explanation to help you visualize and motivate your writing. You are not actually writing a memo to your friend, but to the world. It is your artist’s statement that is attached to your actual work.Rubric:What motivated you to do this? 5 points. I can talk about the important of decision making process, and learning how to apply the PRO-ACT method in the decision making process in my company (memo letter can help).What are the benefits of this project? Does it solve this problem and other future similar problems? By doing this project, are there other generic competencies you are building into the organization? 5 points. I can talk how the memo enhance my way of making decision in my company and specially in the criticall decisions such as modifying the product. Through the PRO-act i was able to modify the product while saving money for marketing and preserving the high criteria of my company. Most innovation occurs through peers telling stories of their experience with a project while the listener is thinking about “can I see that story ‘fitting in my organization’? If so, they will probably decide to innovate. Here you are providing those important details. Here I can talk about how peer experience and its comments benefit me. I will attach my peer (Journal Entry file). Through it you can see his way of making decision.Writing quality. 3 pointsUp to one page, single-spaced. Half of a page is optimal.Attachments:Memo Letter. (( The main project)), and I will attach another file called recommendations it is the complementary of the memo letterPRO-Act assignment file. Through this file you can see summary of the Pro-act and my application on it. I will attach my peer Journal Entry ((Joey Dillon))I will attach my own Journal Entry to understand how I wrote my memo letter. ((Journal Entry))For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated