*** You will reply to the threads, it must be at least 1 paragraph in length. Th

*** You will reply to the threads, it must be at least 1 paragraph in length. They must be on the same page but LABELED WHOSE is WHOSE. The first paragraph should be labeled (Chelsey Ford) the other one should be labeled (Keiaire Brown) ****** When responding, provide your perspective on repeated measures designs and discuss other research designs that could have been used to answer the research question.
Chelsey Ford
The repeated measure design is done with the participants each getting the same variables across time. The design that I have involves exercise and healthy eating. In this design, there would be three participants. Each participant would be under the same type of exercise and meal plan. Throughout the six months, the meal plan would stay the same for all three participants. For the exercise plan, they would be the same for each participant but would include strength training and high intensity (HIT) and cardio workouts. For two months at a time, each participant would only do one type of exercise to see which would be the most effective in weight loss. After each two-month period, the weight of each person would be recorded.
The research question; Which type of exercise is most effective when partnered with a healthy meal plan? In this study, the independent variables would be the meal plan, strength training and high intensity (HIT) workouts as these are what would cause the weight loss, which would make weight loss the dependent variable.
In order to make this research question a between-subject’s design, I believe that each participant could be on the same meal plan, but each participant would be doing a different exercise for the full six months. Every two months the weight loss would be recorded. This makes it a between-subject’s design because each participant is getting a different variable.
Keiaire Brown
ANOVAs are very flexible statistical tests that give the researcher a lot of options and can be used whenever the researcher wants to compare the means of three or more groups—there is essentially no limit on the number of groups means that can be compared. A repeated measures ANOVA is also referred to as a within-subjects ANOVA or ANOVA for correlated samples.
What if we monitored the heart rate level of three athletes while playing three different sports over the course of 30 minutes? The same athlete would be measured more than once on the same dependent variable.
10min Time Stamp 20min Time Stamp 30min Time Stamp
Soccer Athlete A Athlete A Athlete A
Football Athlete B Athlete B Athlete B
Karate Athlete C Athlete C Athlete C
The measured variable for the above example would be the heart rate of each athlete. The time would be the dependent variable while the sport itself would be the level of independent variable. I believe, to the best of my knowledge that by each athlete being exposed to each sport, my example falls under the between-subjects design.