You will need to describe your team management plan for the shift –

Exam Task16KNIM011 Exam Paper – May 2022Exam Task:A management plan for a clinical scenario and a 750-word commentarywill be required.Students are required to orally present their management plan andcommentary to a panel of examiners (80%). The plan, commentary, and areference list (1 side A4 single line spaced, font 12) MUST be submittedbefore the exam no later than the 3rd of May at 12:00 hrs, as it will beused to inform your grade.You will need to describe your team management plan for the shift –remember to include task prioritisation, patient and team safety and riskmanagement (up to 250 words).You will also need to justify your plan with reference to relevant modulecontent, for example: risk assessment and management, mental healthtreatment planning, evidence-based practice, clinical decision making,shared decision making, ethical and legal responsibilities, conflictmanagement, leadership theory, reflection, and facilitation (up to 750words).Background:Throughout the module you and your team have been working with a caseloadof 9 service users. For the exam you are required to focus on the nursing careof the service users in one specific setting either inpatient or community.Use EITHER scenario 1 or 2 to complete your exam task(See next page for Scenario 1)2SCENARIO 1You are the nurse in charge of the late shift for Cherry ward with nine patients.It is 1:15pm and you have received the handover below. Your afternoon staffare: Lisa and Ahmed (permanent staff, healthcare support workers), Flore, anRegistered Nurse – Mental Health, Clara Registered Nurse – Mental Health (abank nurse, not known to the team) and Simi, year three nursing student.Patient GroupDavid absconded when on section 17 of the Mental Health Act 1983accompanied leave in the hospital grounds and is still missing.The weekly ward round has overrun by one hour, meaning that Flore, the wardround nurse who was allocated to do the lunchtime medication round has notdone this task. Two patients are waiting to have their 30-minutes section 17 ofthe Mental Health Act 1983 escorted leave each. Today you are scheduled tohave clinical supervision with Lisa and Ahmed.Carlos’ wife attended ward round today and wants to see Carlos’ care plans.Amina is currently on 1:1 close observations due to a risk from other patientsbecause she is intrusive and tactile. Since the start of the shift, she has beenknocking on the office door requesting for help to apply to a Mental Health Acttribunal “to get me out of here.” Amina is currently being detained under section2 of the Mental Health Act 1983.Erica is informal and just returned from the Emergency Department afterhaving stitches in her arm because she broke a mirror this morning and cutboth her forearms. She was due to be discharged home this afternoon, butthere is disagreement in the staff team regarding whether she should bedischarged. The junior ward doctor is advocating for a Mental Health Actassessment.Fela is still in bed. He was restarted on clozapine yesterday. The handoverwas that he told the morning nurse to ‘go away I feel like I have the flu.’Jo is detained under section 2 of the Mental Health Act 1983, waiting for amother and baby unit bed. She is not leaving her room at the moment, sayingshe is ‘frightened’ of the other patients.Henrietta has told the doctor that she ‘does not want to be treated by a nursingstudent or support worker.’ She is waiting for a specialist eating disorder bed.3Gabriel has seen an Independent Mental Health Advocate this morning, withan interpreter. He wants to appeal against his detention on Section 3 of theMental Health Act 1983.Billie is on day leave and will return at 7:00pm.(See next page for Scenario 2)4SCENARIO 2You are a Duty CPN [Community Mental Health Nurse] for a twelve [12] hourshift and a practice assessor for year one nursing student, Betty who is in herfinal placement of part one. Today you have a staff team made up of threenurses [Registered Nurse – Mental Health] and one nursing associate. Michael[Social Worker] has cancelled his shift and is isolating due to testing positiveon his routine covid 19 testing schedule.Your team employs a collaborative and flexible approach to meet the daily careneeds of your caseload, currently nine [9] service users and the handoversummary as below:Patient GroupAmina was recently discharged back to her local Mental health Team afterbeing supported by the crisis team and CPA needs to be arranged.David has been home for four weeks following discharge from hospital. Hemissed last week’s appointment with the team. His partner Julian called thecommunity team yesterday to say he found some bottles of alcohol in David’swardrobe, and they have been arguing, with David expressing feelings ofhopelessness. Julian asked you not to tell David about the call, but expressedworry that David is relapsing.Carlos is in Blueberry care home. A visit is planned for today and his wifereported yesterday that she thinks he is ‘overmedicated and like a zombie’.Fela is due a fortnightly visit. Last time you attended, you raised a complaintwith his sheltered housing support manager about his untidy/unhygienic flat.Fela is subject to a community treatment order, but wants to leave thesupported housing.Erica left a voice message yesterday to say she had been cutting her arms.You also had a voice message from the mental health crisis helpline sayingthat she called and spoke to two operators last night, and they ‘safety planned’with her rather than referring her to a crisis service.Jo has been doing well and working towards discharge. There is a joint visitwith her Health Visitor scheduled in the diary for today’s shift.5Billie is in temporary accommodation for women. The accommodationmanager has left you a message regarding Billie having a lot of visitors andreceiving noise complaints from other residents.Henrietta was visited last week, and staff reported discussing with her apossible readmission due to her presentation at the time. She has not beenfollowing the agreed treatment plan and appeared to be relapsing. Shereported being under a lot of pressure as her GCSEs are due next week. Areview is scheduled for this afternoon.Gabriel is in temporary accommodation with his sister. The flat is in an areaknown for gangs andstreet crime and he has left an incoherent tearful voice message on the teamduty nurse’s phone.(End of Exam paper)AssignmentTutorOnline