You have to create and deliver a formal presentation (on power point or similar

You have to create and deliver a formal presentation (on power point or similar software) of your case analysis. Your presentation should have a minimum of 6 pages: 1) intro, 2) contextual analysis, 3) rationalization analysis, 4) value analysis, and 5) action analysis. Its fine to have as many pages as you want, but all presentations should be between 5 and 7 minutes.
This will require an understanding of Mods 1-6, but especially these four pages:
-A Theory of Applied Ethics
-Trade off & Action Analysis
-Adding to the Ethical Reasoning Framework
-Examples of Value Analysis in Business
For your action analysis, I want you to propose three courses of action (bad, good, best). Then defend what you think is the best course of action in terms of the four principles (creativity, empathy, impact, dialogue). Adds some complexity now that you are becoming business ethics experts.
First, follow all of the steps through the “Action Analysis”
But now, I want you to add some detail to the action analysis. Previously, we talked about principles for addressing value trade-offs. In your final recommendation, I want you to discuss the principles that really influenced your decision
Your total presentation time should be 6-9 minutes.
Your case to analyze is: Rohanda.pdf Download Rohanda.pdf
I’ve already add all the material. And I also attached the case anaylsis 1 that I did before but I got bad score. Please do it best, design the ppt, analyze clearly and detail and please write also the scriipt how I talked. Thank you