Written Assignment #2

THE CONVERSE OF IN-PERSON COMMUNICATIONOn pages 387-389, The eText describes in-person communication, interviewing and the “do’s” and “dont’s” of phone interviews, which are becoming increasingly popular because of time and cost savings. While most people think that phone interviews are easier to do as a job candidate than face-to-face interviews, this is not always true. How you respond matters as much in a phone interview as in a face-to-face interview.
Please answer the following 4 questions in a 400-word double-spaced paper.  Word count does not include title or reference pages.  It is highly recommended that you use references to support your thoughts, and at a minimum, cite your eText.
1. Experts suggest that you dress professionally for a telephone interview even though the interviewer can’t see you. Do you agree that this is important? Why or why not?2. In getting ready for a telephone interview for a new job, what are the three or four things for which you most want to be prepared? If you are getting ready to interview someone else for a job, what are the three or four major things that you’d expect that person to be prepared for?3.  Matt Aberham warns against simply trying to “sell yourself” during a phone interview. You agree, but you also believe that selling yourself is one of the things that you to do as a job seeker. What sort of strategies do you regard as legitimate and effective in trying to sell yourself to a phone interviewer (or an in-person interviewer, for that matter)?4. Using Skype and similar methods has become quite popular in setting up the complete online conversation. How would the use of this technology modify a telephone interview? How about other forms of communication, such as text messaging?