Write an essay explaining how to be successful in English 101

Write an essayexplaining how to be successful in English 101. Essay may be written in firstperson and draw from your own experiences. You may also wish to includewarnings about what students might find difficult. Think about how you couldhelp other students by giving them the benefit of your experience. 

Essay should include an introduction with a thesisstatement, body paragraphs with topic sentences, lots of detail and supportingexplanation, and a conclusion that perhaps gives us some idea why what youretelling us is important.  You may consider giving advice about specific issues (thesis,grammar, etc.) and advice about attitude, motivation, time management, etc.

PossibleBrainstorming Questions
1. What expectations did you have about the workload coming into the thiscourse, and how did they measure up to reality?
2. What have been the most difficult aspects of completing this coursefor you personally? (Can involve life outside of class!)