Write a two-page essay on the subject of the key learning of this course as they

Write a two-page essay on the subject of the key learning of this course as they impact your work life and personal life.
Note: Some thought about the content of this Essay you might want to discuss: You could expound upon which options and choices for seeking resolutions to complaints in the workplace or in your personal life are practical for you. What characteristics and skill set(s) do you believe are most important for you to have, and why? What are some of your “hot buttons” and what can you do to most effectively manage them? How might others assist you in this process?
Refer to Course Learning Outcomes below for further guidance on the key learning of this course
Program Learning Outcomes
· Apply ethics, responsibility, and legal obligations to personal and professional decision making.
· Apply the principles of human resource development, wellness, performance coaching and training to employee wellbeing, and organizational effectiveness.
· Employ entry-level skills and techniques in diagnosing, planning, implementing, and managing organizational change and technological innovation.
· Demonstrate mastery in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution skills in diverse settings with diverse populations using oral and written forms.
· Recognize multiple cultural perspectives and assess their implications for workplace success.
· Compare and contrast major psychological concepts of leadership, power, innovation, and social transformation.
To earn full credit, the essay must show evidence of reflection on the class experience/material and should be APA format and a minimum of 2 full pages of content (not including the title page, abstract and/or reference page). Past due Reflective Essays cannot be made up/late submissions will not be accepted.