Read an article & write a critique paper 


Summary (20% points)

The first thing you should do in your paper is briefly summarize the article. The summary should look something like a shorter abstract of the paper, in your own words. It should be presented in a few sentences (usually no more than 150 words total), the research question, theoretical background, methods, findings, and conclusions.

Strengths (20% points)

            Following the summary paragraph, write two or three sentences to highlight a few key strengths of the article. These strengths can be about any specific section of the paper or about the paper as a whole. Please be conscientious of which strengths you choose. They should not be inconsequential to the integrity of the study as a whole. 

Critique (60% – 30% per weakness)

In the rest of the paper you should describe and address 2 main weaknesses in the paper. Explain why it is a weakness (why does it matter?), and finally propose a way that this weakness could be rectified or improved in future studies.
The two weaknesses should be about two separate issues. They can be about the theoretical framework, the methodology, or the interpretation of the results and conclusions.
In describing a methodological weakness, make sure you specify why it poses an issue for the present study. For example, do not simply say the sample is not representative, instead describe why this limits our ability to draw conclusions in the context of this particular study.
You should take care to read the entire paper as you will have points removed if you point out a weakness in a study that is already addressed in the paper. The stronger and more thoughtful and coherent your arguments are, the better your grade will be.
The paper should be two-page long and in APA format: double-spaced with 1-inch margins and Times New Roman, Font Size 12. Any deviations from this format will be penalized. 

***Please do not copy/paste from the article text, not even to quote. Paraphrase or reword to present your thoughts instead of quoting. Please use scientific and clear language. Be as succinct as you can be while presenting full, coherent, and grammatically correct sentences. Make sure to proofread your paper before submitting.***