WRITE 2 200 WORD DISCUSSIONS ON CHAPTER 10 AND 11 http://dept.clcillinois.edu/p

Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, At affordable ratesFor This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowWRITE 2 200 WORD DISCUSSIONS ON CHAPTER 10 AND 11 http://dept.clcillinois.edu/psy/IntroductionToPsychologyText.pdfLinks to an external site.AND RESPOND WITH 200 WORDS EACH TO THESE TWO STUDENTSCh. 10So chapter ten covered many interesting topics that I would love to share with my own personal experiences. So this chapter went over the twelve common phobias that people usually have. I personally just have one the fear of being in closed-in spaces (Claustrophobia) but only in like situations where I’m exploring a tight cave or getting stuck in a tight hole in the cave. I don’t have claustrophobia in like public areas such as elevators or tight cars its just always something about feeling stuck in a tight hole in a cave that feels really bad. And worse I’m a big dude so exploring tight spaces is kinda hard but I recently went to Monterrey to visit and well I went along with my cousins to the Cueva de Los Murcielago’s and I kid you not it was a tight squeeze the more you venture in the cave the worse it gets smaller and smaller. The cave is huge from the outside but on the inside, it’s very tight. Now I thought I had the fear of flying in planes (Pteromerhanophobia) since all I would watch was the plane scene in the movie final destination (2000) which gave me the fear of flying. Thanks to the movie I was always scared to go on a plane ride when I was little but throughout the years I’ve gone on around 5 plane rides and that fear is pretty much nonexistent. It’s actually pretty cool flying and observing and amazing view.Ch. 11Although I might not relate to this chapter as much, I did learn about many ways to cure psychological disorders such as using virtual reality therapy. In this chapter virtual reality therapy really caught my eye because I find it quite fascinating that there was actually a therapy but in the virtual world. I honestly didn’t know that existed. I mean I knew there were Virtual reality headsets to play games and stuff because I personally have a VR headset to play games but it never crossed my mind that there were certain therapies in the VR world to help people. I did do some further research on this type of therapy and I found out about the ways it can cure and help people that struggle with PTSD or phobias. I also found out that mental health professionals have the opportunity to reproduce real-life scenarios and even adapt and control these environments to meet clients’ individual needs. It is also stated that it’s a lot more convenient and faster to go into virtual reality therapy because you can just pick up the device and start your session. And if things are too hard for you you can stop at any time you want.For This or a Similar Paper Click To Order NowRelated