World Views Through Artworks and Artifacts Essay ON The first airplane ever created

You have to make sure to go through each of the documents since this will help you understand the assignment and the rules behind it. I do not want any plagiarized phrases. I will need a writer who understands my assignment and who doesn’t write too enriched I just need a high school level or else it will be suspicious. I have dropped 3 files that are gonna be essential to writing this MLA format text and it will show you how I write. I need you to match my writing in a way since this teacher is quite strict. There will be an instruction file and 2 files that show the information needed and how I write and it will also give some details about the subject I chose. I also added the MLA tip the teacher gave which is important  The other file is pieces of information about the terminology used for this essay. The subject is the first airplane ever created by the wright brothers.