The Best WritersJB classmateWorking with Nasir poses a variety of ethical and cultural considerations. First is his safety, suicide prevention is the first and fore most issue and why he is having these thoughts. He is facing a hard crisis in his life. A choice of going against his cultural beliefs and dishonoring his family to not go through with the arranged marriage or live an unhappy life by following the beliefs. The culture that his parents have and raised him with have become tainted for Naris since he has been raised in the northwestern culture. More information needs to be gathered for Naris to approach his dilemma. Is there a religious factor to the marriage? He is rationally thinking but need guidance to find alternatives to his problem. He should consider things like, what are the rules of the marriage, are his parents insisting the marriage, what does he believe and is there other ways for the one he loves to be accepted as the chosen marriage partner by the parents? It would be best to discuss more about his culture and what he has experienced in the past. I would refer him to the local community of the Pakistan ethnicity or other immigrants that could be facing similar cultural blend challenges. If there were religious beliefs contributing to the challenge, I would suggest Naris to seek counsel from the clergy. Kanel writes, “When there is lack of acceptance, young adults may need encouragement to take care of their own emotional needs, and, if possible, still maintain some involvement with the parents.”. Naris is facing a major life changing decision.Reference:Kanel, K. (2018), A guide to crisis intervention, 6th ed. P. 164