The Best WritersNRNP/PRAC 6635 Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation TemplateWeek (enter week #): (Enter assignment title)Student NameCollege of Nursing-PMHNP, Walden UniversityNRNP 6635: Psychopathology and Diagnostic ReasoningFaculty NameAssignment Due DateSubjective:CC (chief complaint): I am not doing well this time of the yearHPI: HPI: J. H. is a 19-year-old white female who presents for psychiatric evaluation. She complainedof not doing well in school, but she verbalized that she felt okay. She is in a particular businessprogram, but she cannot seem to get it done where she is already late on passing two projects.She left the program at school. She stated that after reading the newspaper, she could notremember what she just read. She stated that the teacher is getting to be a bit of a pain. She alsoreports being unable to concentrate, and she slept through five of her classes this month. She saidthat she could make friends and later they got dull. She reports that she lost interest quickly andgets mood swings a little bit, and she cannot get over anything. With the weather this time of theyear, she stated that it is dark, gray, and miserable—the whole city changes. The patient does notlike winter. The patient is not currently on any prescribed psychotropic medication.Past Psychiatric History:· General Statement:· Caregivers (if applicable):· Hospitalizations:· Medication trials:· Psychotherapy or Previous Psychiatric Diagnosis:Substance Current Use and History:Family Psychiatric/Substance Use History:Psychosocial History:Medical History:· Current Medications:· Allergies:· Reproductive Hx:ROS:· GENERAL:· HEENT:· SKIN:· CARDIOVASCULAR:· RESPIRATORY:· GASTROINTESTINAL:· GENITOURINARY:· NEUROLOGICAL:· MUSCULOSKELETAL:· HEMATOLOGIC:· LYMPHATICS:· ENDOCRINOLOGIC:Objective:Physical exam: if applicableDiagnostic results:Assessment:Mental Status Examination:Differential Diagnoses:Reflections:References© 2021 Walden University Page 1 of 3