Wk 4 – Team: Remediation and Planning

Wk 4 – Team: Remediation and Planning 
Assignment Content
Consider what you have learned in this course and what you are still struggling with as you think about the following questions:
What were your weakest areas on the Week 2 and Week 3 Signature Assignments? Is there something that wasn’t covered in these assignments that you’re still unsure about or would like to learn more about?
How confident are you about completing the Week 5 Signature Assignment? Are there any areas you think will be difficult for you?
Discuss these questions with your team and share any resources or information you have that might help your team members. Also discuss what steps you can take to grow in the areas of concern.
Write a 150 word summary of your team discussion, paying special attention to which areas your team is most struggling with. Include your recommendations for how you and your team can overcome the challenges.