Why this corporation was created?

During the written presentation the student will be able to:a. Apply knowledge of the concepts of modern business management through critical analysis and use of relevant concepts in their presentation.b. Design solutions to the problems of modern companies in a professional and logical plan of sustainability or corporate responsibility.5 Steps to Developing a Sustainability Plan1. Learn about Sustainability2. Assess current business practices3. Identify opportunities4. Create goals5. Make changesFrom the Corporation selected in Week 4 (attached) you should analyze the following items:– Brief Corporate description– Mission– Vision– Why this corporation was created?– Social and Corporate responsibility (*Assess current business practices)– Environmental Responsibility (What more and what less weight)– Sustainability (Identify opportunities, create goals, make changes)– Activities and Objectives that were Highlighted to Avoid environmental conflicts– Make organigrams, graphics, and/or tables that highlight:. CEO corporate activity. Design a solution to company problems. Why the corporation is sustainable