Why is the depositional important.

This is a research paper based on the Haynesville shale and Bossier shale. Please write about the differences and similarities of the Haynesville Shale and Bossier Shale.1. depositional history (how was it formed), what time period is it from (Upper Jurassic) and location (Texas and Louisiana). Why is the depositional important.2. mineralogy content (clay, quartz, calcite).3. what type of kerogen it is (there are many types of kerogen). why is the kerogen type important., and how does the mineral content affect the kerogen type.4. what type of hydrocarbon is produced (gas, oil or both)5. reservoir characteristics (permeability, porosity, water saturation, formation temperature, formation pressure, pressure gradient).6. Gas in place and recovery.PLEASE answer ALL of these questions.I have provided references, but USE YOUR OWN words, DO NOT reference that much. You can reference but as minimum as possible. No calculation is required.More References here:https://mountainscholar.org/handle/11124/172358https://www.beg.utexas.edu/research/programs/starr/unconventional-resources/haynesvilleYou can also use YOUR OWN references But like I said, DO NOT reference that much in the paper, the paper has to be in your OWN words and less referenced.