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Why do people watch Mukbang?”


The following study was conducted for KNS Live, a free-to-air TV channel with the aim of better understanding factors that may motivate individuals to watch Mukbang. Specifically, the current study aimed at resolving the research problem of “What will motivate someone to watch Mukbang?”Specifically, it aimed to find out:

RQ1: What would motivate an individual to watch Mukbang?

RQ2: Are there differences in these motivations for different demographic profiles?


Study site: Data was collected from individuals in the Singapore city center. The city center was chosen due to its more significant population density and cultural diversity of its population.

Sampling frame and method: Data was collected from at the city centre by trained data collectors. Data was collected over the months of August till October 2020 at different times of the day to ensure external validity. A systematic sampling method was applied to minimise sampling bias, with every fifth visitor crossing a designated point being approached to complete the questionnaire. As the current study aimed to examine the general public’s motivations to watch Mukbang, no stringent selection criteria was implemented. Respondents were first provided with a brief introduction about the purpose of the study. Consent to complete the questionnaire was also obtained in the introduction.

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