What were your five key learnings from this workshop?

This assignment does not require an introduction, summary, or any citation.Use the following format to respond:Include your Name, Course Name, and Section at the top of the pageFont Arial, size 12Maximum of two pagesPlease provide a well written, proof-read, error-freePlease use your own words10 marks – for grammar, spelling, mechanics, and quality of writingPlease respond to the following five questions with each answer being no more than 250 words:What were your five key learnings from this workshop? What was your most surprising insight from the CJM session? (10 marks)Describe an experience you would like to map based on something that happened to you during the last 12 months. (10 marks)How would you start to implement the CX Hypothesis your team created during the exercise? (10 marks)What would you like to add to this CJM Workshop? (5 marks)What activity of the workshop would you have liked more inputs on? (5 marks)