What was the purpose of the evaluation?

EVALUATION CRITIQUE(50 pts)Directions: Identify a scholarly article based upon an evaluation science study and compose athree (3) page critique of the evaluation study in APA 7th ed. format (TNR font, 1” margins,double-spaced, title and reference page). Cite the article or report in APA 7th ed. format.Critiques should address the following:1. Introduction (10 pts)● What was the program?● What was the purpose of the evaluation?● Who conducted the evaluation? What was their connection to the program? Whatimplications does this have for the evaluation and interpretation of findings?● Provide a one to two sentence summary of your overall assessment of the evaluation (thatyou will substantiate in the following paragraphs).2. Descriiption of Evaluation (15 pts)● What evaluation approach(es) were used? (i.e. objectives-oriented, goal-free, theory-based,responsive, utilization-focused, principles-focused, participatory, empowerment,embedded, etc.; see Chapter 4 in Giancola text for an overview of each approach and notethat the evaluation approach is not always explicitly described)● What evaluation research design and methods were used?● Where operational definitions were used?● What type of sample was used?● How were the data collected?● How were the data analyzed?● To what extent did the authors address threats to validity and reliability? How did theyestablish validity and reliability of measurements or ensure the dependability andconfirmability of research accounts?● What were the results? What conclusions did the author(s) draw from the evaluation?● Were there any limitations?● What implications were drawn from the results/outcomes?3. Assessment of Evaluation (20 pts)● To what extent do you believe the evaluation approach and evaluation design were anappropriate fit for the evaluation?● To what extent do you believe the evaluation design supports the conclusions that weredrawn from the evaluation?● To what extent do you believe these conclusions are warranted?● What are the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation? Do you believe the researchwas conducted responsibly and ethically? Why or why not?4. Conclusions (5 pts)● Provide a short recap of your overall assessment of the evaluation (summarizing whatyou have presented in the preceding paragraphs)● What suggestions do you have for future evaluations of this program