What types of questions should be asked of parents?

Steps in the Process:Using the items in the Resources folder, create a list that depicts the following, in order from beginning to completion:1. identifying a child who has special needs and/or a disability2. verifying the need for special education and/or related services3. developing an IEP/IFSPholding the IEP meeting4. implementing accommodations/modifications5. re-evaluationUpload your detailed list here.Parent Interview:Using items in the Resources folder and searching online as needed, answer the following:1 Why is the parent interview so important?2. What types of questions should be asked of parents?3. Make a list of 10-15 questions.4. What types of screening questions/evaluations should be filled out by caregivers/teachers and parents as part of the evaluation process? List at least 3.You will use your answers to this assignment to help you complete the Parent Interview and Documentation Project. Upload your answers here.