what sort of strategy did they need to enter when the bank took them over?

This essay needs to stay within 3-4 pages and I have attached the assignment overview. My main issue has been keeping everything with a paragraph – the essay in total needs to be only 6 paragraphs. I sent in my essay for review and here is what my professor responded with:“Overall, this is a very solid draft. I do have a few recommendations for improvement.1. You referenced Bud Martin, but didn’t use his name directly. Be sure to include him and discussing financial decisions at Tower. Also, discuss how his relationship with Russ enabled the company to be successful for so long (ying and yang way of decision-making)2. In your conversation about culture, be sure to mention sexism and gender at Tower. Also, what do you make of “hand truck fuel” use among staff and condoning of partying. Was this okay? Did this foster team cohesiveness? Was it part of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle? Or was it all bad for Tower?3. You’ll want to make sure to discuss a bit more about Tower’s downfall. You mentioned tech lockout, but what about their international investments? What went wrong there. And what sort of strategy did they need to enter when the bank took them over?4. Finally, be sure to identify how Tower approached the trade-off between process and structure. Was Tower very process oriented? (hint: YES!) What did the lack of structure (which people in fixed positions and a rigid hierarchy) enable Tower to do successfully and what was the drawbacks to it.”