What racial-ethnic categories are the men workers?

Workplace/Institutional Analysis33 unread replies.33 replies.Social interaction reflects and reproduces gendered expectations for male and female behavior. For this exercise, you will pick one place of business where you can observe people working (e.g., bank, supermarket, store, or your own workplace). The objective is to learn more about what messages about appropriate gender roles are conveyed in social interaction and social institutions, how they are conveyed, and how individuals might resist or conform to these messages.To do an excellent job (i.e., to earn an “A”) on this section (20 points), you will do the following:Describe the type of workplace.Do men and women tend to do the same or different kinds of work? What kinds of jobs are men’s jobs, women’s jobs, gender-neutral jobs? Are men or women the supervisors?What racial-ethnic categories are the men workers? Men supervisors? The women workers? Women supervisors?Are men and women supervised by members of their own gender or do men supervise both men and women? Are there any women supervising women and men?Are members of different racial ethnic groups supervised by members of their own or different racial ethnic groups?Link your insights to the readings we’ve done and provide in-text citations to the articles or textbook.Draws from class material and not from personal opinionAvoids egregious errors or misinterpretations of course conceptsAvoids excessive grammatical mistakesYou will also comment on at least one post. You should engage in discussion about what your classmates are finding in their product analysis. You can also raise questions about the findings or how the course material relates to the findings. You might also suggest an alternative analysis of the findings or different course material that might connect to the findings. To do an excellent job on this section (5 points), you will do the following:use course material and sociological reasoningyour response is sufficiently developedthe course material is interpreted correctlyyour response is appropriateyou avoid redundancy and do not replicate otheryou are respectful and courteous