What is the plagiarism penalty?

BIOL 2421 – Microbiology Core assessment- Writing componentCore Assessment: The Core Assessment accounts for 10% of your final course grade in BIOL 2421.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++WRITING 100 pointsIn at least 700 words, you will write about CRISPR-Cas9 technologyYou must include the following 1-6. One paragraph per section in the order given below.1.) Define/Describe the CRISPR-Cas9. The opening paragraph of the paper must include a concise statement of whatCRISPR-Cas9 means.2.) Natural Biology of the CRISPR-Cas9. Meaning that this is a system that naturally occur in bacteria as a defensemechanism…. describe this in detail3.) How Scientist are utilizing the system for genome editing and what are some current examples4.) As a trainee in Microbiology how would you see the power of this technology both in terms of potential benefit forthe humankind and potential unethical use of the technologyWriting topic requirements:1.) Your essay should be a minimum of 700 words. It is okay to go above the 700-word limit.2.) Your essay should be prepared using Microsoft Word or in Rich Text Format, double-spaced, Times New Roman, orArial font size 11-12. Spelling and grammar checks should be used. You should also carefully proofread your letter tofind errors that the software will not correct. If you do not have a home computer or a program that will produce thecorrect format, computers with Microsoft Word are available in the campus library. Most public libraries also havecomputers with a word processing program that will produce the required format.3.) Your essay should be prepared in paragraph form. The paper should have an introduction that includes a topicsentence and paragraphs that elaborate on different points in support of the topic. Your paper should also have aconcluding paragraph that summarizes the topic. Be sure that you address all five major questions as above in the ordergiven.4.) At least 4 scientific references. References must be SCIENTIFIC (ex] not joecool.com or conspiracytheory.net), fromnon-commercial sources.5.) If you use ideas or words from your textbook, be sure to provide the appropriate citation to avoid plagiarism. MLAformat should be used to cite references within the text and on the Works Cited page. It is not necessary to usereferences other than the textbook for this assignment. If you are not sure what constitutes plagiarism, there is a link onthe LSC homepage. https://www.lonestar.edu/library/plagiarism.htm6.) Any obvious cheating or plagiarism meant to mislead me will result in a failing grade for the assignment, an academicdishonesty sanction, and the possibility of failing the course.FAQ:What is the plagiarism penalty?0 points on the assignment. Please see the rubric.Copying someone else’s writing is as yours is against the academic integrity. You may read scientific literature tounderstand the topic, but you must re-write on your own words. Simple method to follow.1. Read and understand the content you want to include and rewrite without looking at the original resource fromyour own thoughts. Then read the original source again to see your own writing convey the correct message youwant to include in your writing assignment.2. Just because you site the original author/article you cannot copy directly from it.3. You can only use ” ” marks if it is a scientific theory where there is no other way than the original way.Turnitin highlights the copied sentences and shows where it was copied from.If you receive a 0 as the grading, you may check your similarity index. The option to see your similarity index hasbeen enabled here for you to adjust your writings.I am not sure about the spacing . I just know I need 700 words or more.I want to be sure that you have access to this book . Please let me know