What is the organizational level you hope to achieve?

The final paper should not exceed 12-15 pages. It is broken into four parts:1) A description of the leadership requirements of your specific context2) A self-assessment3) A definition of career and life aspirations4) A five-year program to develop yourself as a leader capable of realizing your aspirations.Part 1-Discuss the specific characteristics needed to lead in two different contexts/situations such as a crisis, the unique contextual nuances of your occupation (such as federal agency, local agency, non for profit, etc.), responsibility, ethics, compassion, etc. What are the leadership demands of the context (skills, capabilities, behaviors, experience) and why are those particular skills, etc. required?Part 2-Provide a realistic assessment of your leadership strengths and weaknesses, focusing most importantly on attributes that might significantly influence your leadership success – especially in the contexts in which you are most likely to find yourself. We will use a few leadership assessment tools; reflect on what those tools have provided you.Part 3-Describe your aspirations in a way that is comfortable and fits your thinking today. How do you want to be perceived as a leader? What is the organizational level you hope to achieve? Define what success in life looks and feels like for you? What are the underlying values that drive your definition of success? Where do these values come from? Do they provide a basis for facing the ups and downs of life, including the moral and ethical challenges that will inevitably surface?Part 4-Outline a program to develop the leadership skills required to achieve your aspirations over the next ten years and beyond. This personal development program should be designed to bridge the gap between your present capabilities, strengths and weaknesses and your goals.Although this paper is a deeply personal effort, you should integrate ideas theories and other constructs from our readings.