What is the motivation for these companies to fund CSR programs?

Read the attached PDF case study below.Corporate Citizenship Download Corporate CitizenshipIn a two- to three-page response, please answer the following:When asked, 92 percent stated that enhancing corporate reputation was very important. Other popular responses were recruiting and retention (78 percent) and reducing risk (65 percent). What is the motivation for these companies to fund CSR programs?In the summer of 2015, Volkswagen was touting on its corporate website that it was one of only two automakers to be listed in both the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World and DJSI Europe. It was considered a “best in ESG class” firm. Unfortunately, in September 2015, the news broke that Volkswagen had programmed some of its cars to cheat on the diesel emissions tests. The event has had significant ramifications for Volkswagen’s relationships with its customers, investors, and regulatory agencies around the world. Investigate this story and describe what has happened to Volkswagen since this scandal broke.What activities might companies engage in to satisfy the four components of corporate citizenship: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic?By embracing citizenship goals, assess whether or not corporations can insulate themselves from many activist actions, thereby avoiding negative media events.Your paper should be in the current APA style and include a title page and reference list for all sources used. You should use a minimum of three scholarly sources (your textbook can be one of the sources).