What is the central question you are attempting to answer?

1,500 Word Paper: Each student will write a paper on any topic related to any topic related to the course content. I must approve the topic. Please contact me to discuss your topic by the fourth week of the semester. Each paper should include at least five sources. Preferably, the paper will use a combination of primary and secondary sources. You may not use sources such as Wikipedia. You have the option of submitting a rough draft of the paper for me to review. The paper should be double-spaced, 12-point font or smaller, times new roman, with one-inch margins. The paper should include endnotes or footnotes in Chicago Style.Papers must include a clearly defined thesis statement (central argument). THIS IS ESSENTIAL. This paper should not simply be an encyclopedia entry. Please contact me if you need assistance.When determining and developing your thesis, ask yourself the following questions:o What is the central question you are attempting to answer?o What are you attempting to argue/prove/demonstrate in the paper?o Does the body of the paper support the thesis?NO PLAGIARISM OR PARAPHRASING!!! Everything in your own words!!!Consequences: Hood’s Academic Judicial Council recommends a grade of zero on the assignment for the first offense of unintentional plagiarism; failure in the course for the first offense of cheating or intentional plagiarism; and suspension from the College for a second offense of cheating or intentional plagiarism. History Department faculty members support the Honor Code and will report academic dishonesty to the Academic Judicial Council.