What is the approximate size of the new global market?

Here are the instructions given to me by my professor for the discussion post assignment and the writer is allowed to use as many sources as needed:Global Marketing: Choose a company (perhaps one that you use personally) and propose a new global market for that company.What is the company? What products/services do they sell in the US?What country are you proposing they enter? What is the approximate size of the new global market?Using Figure 18.3 page 280, which of the 5 types of product strategy do you propose for this new global strategy? Explain your idea in detail.What considerations related to the other 3 P’s (pricing, promotion, distribution) does the company need to consider? Be specific using terms from the chapter.Pandemic effects on Marketing: Find an article, blog, podcast, or video on pandemic effects on marketing.Provide a link to the resource (URL or .pdf).Summarize the resource in a paragraph or two.How does this resource relate to our textbook? What chapter is most related to this resource?Are there any other ways you think the pandemic will impact this topic in the future?