What is an individual’s role and responsibility as a member of a larger community and environment?

When I introduced this course, I stated both that, in our contemporary globalized world, we have more choices than we have ever had in the past, and that with choice comes decision. In this course, we have explored the “basic necesities” of human life, food, clothing, shelter, and transport, as we sorted through information and made decisions about how we ought to live, i.e. what we eat, what clothing we wear, what kind of house we live in, how we get around, etc.The capacious issue explored in the course was that the decisions we make in these arenas in life affect not only our own personal sense of happiness, but also the wellbeing of our local, national, and global communities and environments. The idea is that in order for us to live well, or “flourish,” individually, we must take all of this into consideration.The culminating project for this course addresses the capacious issue and thus the two grounding questions of the course: What does it mean to live well in 21st century America? and; What is an individual’s role and responsibility as a member of a larger community and environment?Think about the four themes you have explored in this course. Given what you have learned and the research you have conducted, what are your positions on how we should eat, what we should wear, how we should dwell, and how we should get around in the United States in the 21st Century? You are charged with synthesizing these views into a coherent life position in order to respond to the course questions.For the capstone project, you will construct a multimedia project (YouTube video 8-10 minutes in length, PowerPoint or Prezi presentation of 15-20 slides) that creatively presents your conclusions about what it means to live well in the 21st century. This is meant to be your personal manifesto as well as something from which others could learn! (I have provided a sample project below, in case you would like a little inspiration! Please note that the sample project expresses one student’s conclusions after taking this course, but you are tasked with developing and defending your own.)Please upload your finished project here, or include a link so that I can access it. I will then re-post your projects to share with the class. They will be on view from May 10-13.A 1000-1500 word essay articulating and arguing for your position will accompany the project and should be uploaded below.Comments from CustomerDiscipline: interdisciplinary studies 320