What economic, diplomatic, social, and political events moved the United States from one sensibility to the other?

PART I—CLUSTERSBelow are four “clusters” that contain three termseach. Pick three of the four clusters.Identify the three terms in each cluster and tell a storyabout how each of the three terms relate to one another. Imagine you are telling a friend how thethree terms relate to one another in the context of the class. You should write about 3 to 4 paragraphs percluster. The more detail, the morepoints. DO THREE CLUSTERS.1. ImmigrationAct of 1965StonewallMakeAmerica Great Again2. Tonkin Gulf“Vietnamization”“Born in the USA”3. Roe v.Wade (1973)MoralMajority (1979)“culture wars”4. “morning inAmerica”supply-side economicsthe “thirdway”PART II—ONE ESSAYAnswer the questionbelow. The purpose is todemonstrate your knowledge of specific themes we’ve discussed in class. Good essays will navigate between broadthematic answers to the question and several specific examples to buttress yourpoint (think: IDs). Don’t getoverwhelmed. When in doubt, think backto the titles of the lectures you’ve sat through. The essay should be between 5 and 7paragraphs long.Whatfactors led American society to go from the “ask not what your country cando for you…” sentiment of the early 1960s to the “Me Generation” of the1970s? What economic, diplomatic,social, and political events moved the United States fromone sensibility to the other? Wasthis a liberal or conservative turn, or something else altogether?Here are several other IDs.They will be good to know for your essay question.The Greensboro FourBlack PowerCivil Rights Act of1964Great Societythe pillCesar ChavezTitle IXstagflationaffirmative actionRoots (1976)WatergateIranian hostage crisisPerestroikaNAFTA“The Evil Empire”9/11Affordable Care ActLeft-wing freedom,right-wing freedomPART III—EXTRA CREDITAs you (better) know, I start off every lecture with asong. The question: What song should Iuse during my final lecture (“Your America”), and why? In your opinion, what song best describestoday’s America, and why? Past winnersinclude: Childish Gambino’s “This is America” (two years running), Lady Gaga’s“Born this Way,” and Black Eyed Peas’ “Where is the Love?” Other songs frequently mentioned include: JayZ, “Forever Young,” Eminem, “White America,” Green Day, “American Idiot,” LeeGreenwood, “God Bless the U.S.A.” J. Cole, “Miss America,” and Ice Cube, “NoVaseline” (really?). You don’t have topick from this list.