What does Scripture say about the issue?

The Research Paper Assignment is about whether special education students should be taught in an inclusive general education classroom or in self contained classrooms (Very Rough Outline attached to this post) Paper must be 15–20 pages and written in formal current APA style. This assignment is a review of the literature on the topic that represents a practical problem in education. You should not conduct original research for this assignment. Instructions The minimum number of resources to be used for the paper is 10. All resources must be from scholarly or peer-reviewed journals (usually found from databases such as ERIC, EBSCO Host, or Info Trac). Resources must be diverse in nature, including articles from scholarly journals, books, and professional websites. The research aspect must be your diligent work in ascertaining current, scholarly resources to support your writing about the topic/issue. At least ten of your resources must be five years old or newer. If you use older resources (particularly in the Historical Summary section), be sure that at least ten in the overall paper are five years old or newer. You should use at least some of the sources identified in your Annotated Bibliography Assignment (Those are listed below) The required parts to include are as follows: APA FORMATTING · Cover Page · Abstract · Introduction · Historical Summary: How did the issue develop and how has it been viewed in the past? · Current Issue: described in the present culture of education and including strategies that are in place to address the issue · Biblical integration: What does Scripture say about the issue? · Conclusion This assignment is to be written in the third person and should be in expository form. You must present facts and research supported by scholarly literature. The Biblical Integration section must be supported by Scripture and must make a clear connection between a Biblical worldview and the topic.