What do you think is critical to understanding this object, as a piece of technology

Paper detailsTopic: Provide a detailed anthropological study of your phone. Consider your relationship toit as a cultural phenomenon. Much of our daily lives are mediated through our devices andthe apps we use. From basic diversion and entertainment to our sense of self, others,community and place. Bringing in relevant readings and course material from lectures,develop an anthropology of the phone. What do you think is critical to understanding thisobject, as a piece of technology, as mediating daily life, or in other ways you want todiscuss?. Please consult the lecture slides and articles which i have attached while writingthis paper as these are things covered in class regarding this topic and it’s important toquote/use key concepts. Please make sure you include concepts of thick depiction,infrastructure and etc that are covered in lecture slides as well as articles attached. Furthelfull detailed instructions as well as rubric is attached. Please ensure minimum of 1000 words are to be written on this topic. There will be a similar topic sent to you guys, but please write a different one. Make Veire to use topics from class and relate it to the topic. Thank you