What diction and imagery fits with your idea of Ayoola and her internal life?

Creative/ Analytical Option OneWrite four chapters (300+ words) from Ayoola’s perspective. Slide them in where you see fit, but one must be the novel’s new final chapter.Write a short paragraph (150 words) on the choices you made.We only have access to Ayoola’s inner thoughts through what she says and how she holds herself and interacts with others, but everything we do know is, of course, filtered through Korede, the novel’s first-person narrator.This prompt asks you to read critically and think creatively about the “real” Ayoola. What’s going on in there? What does she care about? What really motivates her and what does she want? How do her unexpressed thoughts sound? What diction and imagery fits with your idea of Ayoola and her internal life? How does Ayoola feel about her mother and sister and the men in her life? What about her career?You have a ton of freedom here to make choices about where your chapters would fit into the narrative and how you want to bring the hidden world of Ayoola to life. You’ll make a number of choices, and you’ll explain these choices in an accompanying 150-word paragraph.YOU MUST READ THE NOVEL IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE TONE OF THE CHARACTERSYou must write 3 pages after the final chapter to determine how it will goAny questions, please message mePDF to Novel:https://www.oasisacademysouthbank.org/uploaded/South_Bank/Curriculum/Student_Learning/Online_Library/KS4/My_Sister_the_Serial_Killer_by_Oyinkan_Braithwaite.pdf