What data are needed before the plan can be individualized?

Review the case study using this link: CV Case study.doc (attached)Using the above case study data, complete the following:Use the template to record a health history, general survey, VS, and cardiac exam for this patient. (Be sure to use headings for organization)Consider this patient’s chief complaint.After reviewing the health history, list additional questions that should be explored to ensure a thorough health history.Are there additional physical exam techniques that should be part of the assessment for this chief complaint and situation? List any additional techniques that should be assessed and the rationale for inclusion OR the rationale for no additional techniques needed.3. Select one of the risk assessment tools included on Module 5 Health Promotion page and linked in the table below to assess this patient’s risk profile. Use the data provided in the case study to calculate the patient’s risk score. Describe an individualized teaching plan about cardiovascular disease for this patient. What data are needed before the plan can be individualized?American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association https://www.cvriskcalculator.com/American College of Cardiologyhttp://tools.acc.org/ASCVD-Risk-Estimator-Plus/#!/calculate/estimateFramingham Heart Study https://www.framinghamheartstudy.org/risk-functions/cardiovascular-disease/index.php