What communities could benefit or be impacted by your research?

This is part of the final research proposal that you started on the first order. I have attached those as well in case you do not have them. There is also another assignment That I will be submitting and that is an interview assignment. More to follow. Thank you!This assignment will be a very rough draft of the Introduction section of the Final Research Proposal. We will use this draft to solicit feedback in order to build a solid draft for the final submission.The Introduction should be between 2 pages and contain the following components:Narrative hook: Should begin with a provocative statement, quote, or data; to capture the attention of the reader.Problem Statement: The introduction should include a problem statement and a brief background and context of the research problem(s).Research gap: Identity what is missing (research gap) in current research, which is connected to a justification for your projectResearch statement: how you plan on addressing the research gap through your research projectResearch questions: Include a revised set of research questions.Relevance of study: Consider the following questions that will help to justify/or offer a relevance of your research study: why is the topic important and relevant locally, nationally and globally? What communities could benefit or be impacted by your research? What are the social, economic, political, cultural, and environmental as well as educational impacts of the research topic? What will it contribute to the fields of education, other social sciences (and beyond)? Basically explain why should anyone care about your research?