What comment(s) does this play make about the roles of women?

Introduction:We’re playing the same game – using critical sources in argument – but this time I want you to find at least two sources from the academic databases in our library, plus the original text of the play. You can use other sources as well if you want, just be sure to document them all.Assignment:Write an essay examining a theme in one of the full length plays in your book (Oedipus, Othello, A Raisin in the Sun, A Doll’s House, The Cuban Swimmer, Mistaken Identity, The Sound of a Voice, or Fences). If you would like to write on some other full-length play, consult me first.Examples for a paper on Othello might include:–Analyze how the concept of heroism and/or militarism shapes the characters and the action of the play.–Analyze how a recurring image, symbol, metaphor, or theme contributes to understanding the play.–Analyze the motivations for any of the characters, or write a character analysis.–Choose a relationship in Othello, (father/daughter, husband/wife, servant/master, friend/friend), and discuss how traditional roles are either maintained or usurped.–What comment(s) does this play make about the roles of women? Does the play challenge or support traditional behavior?–What comment(s) does this play make about the roles of men? Does the play challenge or support traditional behavior?–Discuss whether or not racism exists in Othello.–Discuss the theme of Christianity in Othello.–Argue whether or not Shakespeare attacks Renaissance values (or characteristics) through any of his characters in the play.Organization:Pay attention to how other critical sources do it. They are good models. Decide what you have to say about the topic and state it, then lay out and interpret the evidence to prove it in the body of your paper. Be careful and concise with your use of source material in order to be sure your reader always knows exactly where everything comes from and can go locate and look at it themselves if they should disagree with you.