What challenges lie ahead for your state?

This is an advance notice of your final paper assignment which is due week 8. The instructions are given here for anyone that wants to get a head start on the assignment. Select a state of your choice and prepare an 8-10 page “state profile paper” analyzing various aspects of its constitutional system, governmental and political structure. Specifically, your paper should include the following: Overview of the state (history, population, notable facts). Constitution Finances Political Attitudes/Elections/Political structure Governor/state legislature/and executive offices Key issues impacting the state Key issues impacting local governments Conclusion: What challenges lie ahead for your state? Your paper should be 8-10 pages in length, double spaced and in Ariel or Times New Roman 12 point font. Include in-text citations and references in the APA style. You must use the textbook and a minimum of six (6) outside sources to support your topic.