What can be said about the types of jobs, education levels, and job locations about satisfaction on the job?

Your report should not exceed 13 pages – 1.5 line-spacing (including plots, tables, appendices,etc.). The data set used in the study must not be included.The analysis is expected to resolve an assigned problem and prepare a well-organized report ofresults with clear interpretation in terms of the subject-matter concepts. It is also expected toshow much thought, initiative, and creativityFollow the guideline for preparing the project report. As part of the analysis, you are expected to address the followingquestions:1. Based on the summary table of descriptive statistics (and plots) for the three job satisfaction variables, discuss the jobaspects that are most satisfying and least satisfying for the employees. In what area(s), if any, do you feel improvementsshould be made?2. Based on descriptive measures of variability, determine the job satisfaction that appears to generate the greatest and theleast difference of opinions among the employees?3. What can be said about the types of jobs, education levels, and job locations about satisfaction on the job? Do anyparticular type of job, level of education, and job location seem to have better levels of satisfaction than the other types?Explore the questions based on side-by-side boxplots (overlay plots on the same scale for comparisons) along withdescriptive statistics by categories of job type, education level, and work location.4. Use the contingency table analysis to test the hypotheses that(i) The type of employee’s job and level of employee’s attained education are independent.(ii) The type of employee’s job and employee’s work location are independent.(iii)The level of employee’s attained education and employee’s work location are independent.5. Develop and discuss the 95% confidence interval estimates of job satisfaction (work, pay, and promotion) for(i) all employees;(ii) employees from each location;(iii) employees from each job type;(iv) employees from each education level.6. Suppose that an employee is ‘dissatisfied’ with the job if the degree of satisfaction for at least one of the 3 expressedsatisfactions (work, pay, or promotion) is less than 70. Perform tests to determine if employees are dissatisfied withtheir job.7. What can be said about the relationships between the job satisfaction variables? Discuss based on scatter plots andcorrelations of the relevant variables.8. Do your results suggest any recommendations for learning about and/or improving job satisfaction? Discuss based onyour results from 1 to 7, and information material provided with hyperlink above, in particular, reasons behind jobdissatisfactions, the causes and costs of implied, and employers options to effectively monitor, control and reduce jobdissatisfactions.if any questions please refer to the outline or call my number 514-709-9716before writing the report you must answer the 8 questions given belowthe final paper should be a report answering the questions and using the appporiate graphs Managerial ReportUse appropriate (applicable) methods of descriptive statistics, including tables and plots, to summarize the data (dependingon the data type – quantitative continuous or discrete, and qualitative or categorical). That is, prepare appropriate tables ofdescriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, quartiles, IQR, correlations) and appropriate plots(histograms, dot plots, bar/pie charts, stem plots, boxplots, scatterplots) of the variables, overall and when appropriate, bycategories. You are expected to produce displays that will allow you to describe the distribution in terms of symmetry,dispersion, and outlying observations. Present the summaries of statistical results that will be beneficial in communicatingto others. The results must be fully discussed and clearly explained in context addressing the issuesComments from CustomerDiscipline: Business Statistics- Data Analysis