What are your strategic objectives and considerations?

Acting as a consultant on how I will revamp/redo the UKG Ultipro performance Management system for BakerRipley. Currently they have a 3 point rating scale and the goal is to change to 5 point rating scaleBelow are the questions and they will also be attached.Attached is the job code table which is a list of all our active job codes with their job family included. The second tab is from the current employee roster and it’s a summary of jobs by dept/division. basically we would have to look at the job descriptions for each job family and find competencies that are shared among all those job familiesObjective:Your objective is to make a presentation to representatives from BakerRipley(https://www.bakerripley.org/). They are redoing their PM system – which we have overviewedduring class and posted relevant information to BlackBoard. Your task is to describe andrecommend a new performance management system for them, as described in our class. This isa management presentation – not an academic one. Utilize principles you have learned in thiscourse to guide your solutions. You should draw upon course principles and best practices toprovide specific information about the composition of the PM system (not just generalities).Specifically, you should consider and address the following questions in your presentation:• What are your strategic objectives and considerations?o Approximately 10% of presentation time.• What is your approach to measuring, and how exactly will you measure, performance?o Approximately 50% of presentation time.• How will you roll out your PM system and manage employee concerns?o Approximately 10% of presentation time.• What will be the leader’s role in coaching, development, and performance reviews?o Approximately 15% of presentation time.• How will you motivate employees for the coming year?o Approximately 15% of presentation time.I will attach rubric. Company PPT for current Annual Review, instructionsUKG Ultipro is customizablehttps://www.ultimatesoftware.com/Thanks/68048cf2-f8ac-48b4-9b4b-f5ba89a71d37#70132000000qtVAI have the ebook login password if needed for this sourceChicago Business Press is a book we are using