What are your initial thoughts and questions?

This week, you learned about substance use disorders. Nw you’ll put yourself in the role of a psychotherapist.Initial PostRead the three short case descriiptions below. Choose one and write a 150-200 word response. Each vignette has two questions at the end to get you started, but I’d like you to go deeper.Consider if you were working with this client, what apprehensions might you have about diagnosing and treating them? Where do your views on what is/isn’t a substance problem come from? How are your thoughts influenced by society, culture, and societal messages about what is and isn’t a substance abuse disorder? Do you think that these will have an effect on your treatment?(These questions are illustrative, not exhaustive. You can forge your own path here, because you’ve done many assignments like this now. I want you to think critically on your own — the important thing is that you think about the case you’re writing about thoroughly.)1. Your client works at a company that has a full whiskey bar. They drink once or twice a week, but never during work. Okay, well maybe once or twice, but it’s because they were working late. Okay, and one time right after a stressful meeting. But that’s it. What are your initial thoughts and questions? Is this behavior diagnosable?2. Your client drinks at a party almost every weekend. They smoke marijuana every day, but have never gotten into trouble.They say that parties just aren’t fun if they’re not drunk or high and besides, they have social anxiety and the substances help. Is this a substance use disorder? Are you concerned? Is this behavior diagnosable?3. Your client drinks alone. They drink a glass of wine (or two) almost every night in order to relax before going to bed. They get along will with their friends and are doing well at work. Once in a while, maybe twice a month, your client drinks an entire bottle in one night What are your thoughts and concerns? Is this behavior diagnosable?