What are the considerations and challenges as they apply to any stage in the change process?

In this paper, you will take up a position with respect to leadership ethics, social justice leadership or decolonization/uncolonization. You are asked to use the literature to define your position and then explore the most prominent ethical, social justice or Indigenous issues that you foresee evolving as you engage in the process of change. Consider your responsibilities as a leader, as well as the responsibilities of your institution and stakeholders. How will you use your positioning around ethics and social justice to address these issues? Why are they important?Some questions for consideration are:• What are the considerations and challenges as they apply to any stage in the change process?• What are the responsibilities of your organization?• What are the commitments of the different organizational actors?• How will you address the responsibilities of your organization and different organizational actors?TOPICS:Engaging in the process of change, obstacles in Transformative Leadership Approachesto Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice– leadership ethics– social justice leadershipIntro:My Problem of Practice will determine the plan for action needed for UNICEF staff, government partners, implementing partners, and civil society in their capacity to adapt disability-inclusive education practices given the common issue of a knowledge gap and social rejection. Using the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks, which is an international tool used to identify standards for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) for organizations, I will be able to determine what equity standards are needed to improve organizational effectiveness and promote a more inclusive culture.As a leader within my organization, transformative leadership approaches to Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice can entail many obstacles and challenges in the process of change.Organization: UNICEFRole: Inclusion Officer*use literature to define your position and explore social justice issues