What are the BARE MINIMUM requirements?

Students will research an international author and analyze a short story by the author in a structured academic essay.For this assignment, you will read a short story and find at least three secondary sources on the author and/or short story (two scholarly articles and one other source). You will write a literary analysis essay focusing on theme, motif, tone, and/or symbolism on the short story using it and at least two scholarly articles (an article of literary criticism is best) and at least one other source as sources. Overall, this essay should be 3-5 pages in length and utilize at least three secondary sources and a primary source (short story).(A journal and a discussion forum will be prewriting assignments for this paper)“Super Frog Saves Tokoyo” by Haruki Murakami: https://www.gq.com/story/haruki-murakami-super-frog-saves-tokyo-full-storyRequirements: What are the BARE MINIMUM requirements?Provide a clear thesis statement utilizing 1-3 of the above literary devices or other approved arguments.Write in an organized manner.Support your arguments with examples from the literary work in the form of direct quotes or summary.Use a formal tone (no slang, clichés, or idioms).Quotations should be well chosen, explained, and connected to your overall argument.Use information about the author to support your argument when/if appropriate.Use scholarly literary criticism/outside sources to support your argument (you must use and cite a secondary source).Use MLA format. You may use my MLA Google Doc template (make a copy).