What are people stereotypes about this group?

This subject area talks about prejudice. The topic idea I have is: There’s gentrification everywhere you go. It is blatantly messed up, in our faces, and playingagainst the unity of the community. Some people (whites) feel certain races or religions do notbelong in a neighborhood. Someone could be losing their home and trying to fight for it back,but the Jews are buying. No one gets the chance to fully be in the home or have someone else buy the house…..I believe that the group the professor wants to referring to are Hasidic Jews (not sure).What To Enter Into Essay– Negative and/or Unfamiliar Views about the Specific Race. Identify the group towards which people are unfamiliar or have negative or uncomfortable feelings about. How familiar are people with members of this group? What are people stereotypes about this group? Where did the stereotypes comes from?– The goal of the research paper is to increase other understanding of the group and hopefully dispel some of their stereotypes and negative feelings. Also explain what have you learned while doing this research(it’s almost like a self-discovery).– At least 4-5 sources (more if necessary)Please enter some of the course work which will be in the files.