What are Older Adults Like ?

The Personal Context of Later Life .A] Introduction.B] What are Older Adults Like ?1. The Demographics of Aging.2. How long will you Live ?3. The 3rd – 4th Age Distinction.C] Physical Changes  And Health :1. Biological Theories of Aging :a) Wear-and- Tear Theory.b) Cellular Theory.c) Metabolic Theories.d) Programmed cell death Theories.2. Physiological  Changes :a) Changes in Neurons.b) Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems.c) Parkinson’s Disease.d) Sensory Changes.3. Health Issues: Sleep, Nutrition, Cancer screeningD] Cognitive Processes :1. Information Processing.2. Memory.3. Creativity and Wisdom.E] Mental Health and Intervention :Depression, Anxiety Disorders, and Dementia – Alzheimer’s disease.i don’t have the book