What activities or case studies or readings, content will you use to make your point?

1) Pick a Call to Action2) Identify your audience or community for the intervention/ discussion3) Why is this Call to Action important? Outline how you will address it with your group. What activities or case studies or readings, content will you use to make your point?4) What is your hope re: the audience/ community response? Why is that important?5) Be mindful that you are working toward educating your community/ audience to the particular Call of Action that you have chosen and that “buy in” and long term commitment is the goal to carrying out any of the Call to Actions.6) Do Not rely on bringing in Indigenous experts to address your Call to Action- Do not reach out to Indigenous communities for research on your Call to Action. You have to do the heavy lifting and organizing the conversation – not the Indigenous community.7) The point of the project is not to become an expert on the topic for example “Aboriginal Healing” but to introduce why such content and perspectives are needed. Why they are important.8) Do create a full project intervention with a proper reference list that cites materials from the class and all resources that you are using. This project will be uploaded to Quercus for grading.9) Class presentation is like a TED Talk – the expectation is not give us your 1 hour or 3 hour project intervention in full but to give us the highlights, the structure, the main points and what you hope to achieve.10) Have fun, be creative and enjoy the process. This project is about initiating important conversations that respect and value Indigenous contributions. So remember to always CITE and Write and CITE and Chat.TRC’s Calls to Action incite Canadians to take action by becoming involved – What Calls to Action have you made a commitment to?Based on a Call to Action – What can you create, produce and share with community that will make an impact? Please note that this assignment is about creating something to share with community.