We’re focusing on “Music” and “Literature” this week (page 114-163). Choose one

We’re focusing on “Music” and “Literature” this week (page 114-163). Choose one of the images below for your prompt. Chapter One (pages 13-14, under the section “How Should we Perceive and Respond?”) gives us four questions to ask about any piece of art:
What is it? (A formal response, identify its title, maker, date made, and where in the world it is from)
How is it put together? (A technical response, how was it made, what techniques, what media, etc)
How does it appeal to the senses? (An experiential approach, how do you experience this piece, what ways could you use your senses to know this piece if you saw it in person)
What does it mean? (A contextual and personal response, why do you think the artist created the work, what does it make you feel?)
Use these questions to explore your chosen prompt.
You should write at least four hundred (400) words about your prompt. The earlier in the week you complete your original response, the better.
Respond to at least one other student (response should be at least 150 words). Please cover the contrast behind what the original post shares and what you experienced with their prompt. Highlight connections and use the terminology from the appropriate chapter to discuss the subject. Requirements:
For full participation credit, a minimum of two posts must occur on two different days during the week.
First post should occur on or before Wednesday.
All posts should include word count.
Posts discussing written texts should include quotes with APA in-text citation and reference.
See Discussion Rubric.pdf Discussion Rubric.pdf – Alternative Formats for full assessment of discussion posts.
You will need to spend time listening to or reading your chosen prompt, plan your time wisely. Prompt #1
Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Cask of Amontillado”
Prompt #2
Edvard Grieg/”Peer Gynt-Morning Mood”/1875
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Edvard Grieg: “Peer Gynt – Morning Mood” User: n/a – Added: 12/31/08 Prompt #3
Chinua Achebe/Selected Poems/1930-2013
Prompt #4
Ella Fitzgerald/Cry Me A River/1953
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Ella Fitzgerald – Cry me a river User: n/a – Added: 3/12/09