Policy Selection ProcessSOCW 6361: Social Policy: Analysis and AdvocacyThe Georgia State Government website was used to find this bill. Follow similarinstructions for your own state or local government, although the process may varyslightly between government websites.The following describes the process that was used to locate information regarding theElection Integrity Act of 2021: Step 1: Go to the state website (in this case, https://www.legis.ga.gov/). Step 2: Scroll down to the section Find Legislation and type in key words or thebill number. Step 3: Type in SB 202 (SB: Senate Bill, HR: House of Representative Bill) toacquire information on the Election Integrity Act of 2021. Step 4: Click on the current version to view the SB 202 in .pdf form. Step 5: Click on the past version to view previous versions of the SB 202. Step 6: Read the bill and commentaries to analyze the strengths andweaknesses of the bill and to consider an alternative.Based on the search, the following provides general information about the bill, includinglegislative committees that worked on the bill: House Committee: Special Committee on Election Integrity Senate Committee: Ethics Sponsored in House by Fleming, Barry Sponsored in the Senate by many senators and introduced by Senator Hopperon February 17, 2021 Passed by the Senate on March 25, 2021 Governor Kemp of Georgia signed the Election Integrity Act of 2021 into law onMarch 25, 2021.