Week 3 Discussion Branding and Pricing

Submitan excellent initial post, thoroughly answering the questionsbelow, with line breaks between your answers.

Week 3 Questions – Brandingand Pricing:

1.      Whatare the brands of your 2 products? Please include the market segment for eachof your brands.

2.      Whatretail price did you set for each product?

3.      What isyour products’ Cost of Production under Task List > Marketing > Pricing?

4.      What isyour products’ Cost Per Unit under Manufacturing > Factory Simulation? Is there a difference between your answers to Question 3?  Why?

5.      Whatwas your rationale for each price (competitive pricing, the desired profit marginthat you wanted, costs, etc.)?  Remember to include the data to supportyour pricing decision.


1.      Did youoffer any rebates/discounts on each of your products?

2.      Why orwhy not?  Include the data to support your rationale to offer, or notoffer, rebates/discounts on each of your products?


(a) Be sureto support your answers with the relevant charts and data from the Simulation.

(b) Citeall sources including the Simulation, using the APA format. Forexample, APA in-text citation: (Cadotte,2016).


Cadotte,E. R. (2016). Marketplace Business Simulations. Retrieved from 

Discussion Board  POSTING REMINDERS:

        Be sure to reference your eText or other research to supportyour response. You will be graded on how you relate the class readings to yourinitial post.

        When you make your initial post, please fully answer thequestion and make substantive responses – i.e. at least 200 words that really diveinto the topic and show that you’ve read in your texts and done research tosupport your opinions.

        Apply appropriate examples that illustrate your points – feelfree to bring your work experiences into the discussion. It helps us alllearn when we can relate our past work experiences to what we’re learninghere in the discussions.

        All discussions and assignments required the use of APA to citeand list references. APA stands for the American Psychological Association andthe guidelines that they develop for formatting and citing sources in researchpapers are required in many college-level classes that deal with areas ofBusiness.

Attached is a document that explains each Lecture and Workspace. (File Name: Quarter 3 Week 3 Management Simulation)
There is a Summary of Decisions at the end of the document and the detailed information are in the same document