Week 2 Summary

19Jan 2022 by

Evaluate the application of oxygen delivery and mechanical ventilation.
For this module, review and determine the decision to intubate, identification of a difficult airway, the algorithm for emergency intubation, and the functional anatomy of your patient but focus on the tools and strategies to oxygenate and ventilate.
You may use or direct your research utilizing previous clinical scenarios
You do not need to write an abstract with these papers. There is no minimum, just please give me quality over quantity. I want to see that you are taking the time to research the topic of the week. These assignments are to keep you on track to deliver a great course summative project. This is to get you to research the assigned topic each week and to find and gather all your information in the same place with your references already listed. 
You will need to find and use at least 2 solid references in your research. Your paper will need to be in APA formatting including your cited references. Paper needs to be written from a respiratory therapist perspective.