week 2 discussion

19Jan 2022 by

Choose EITHER topic option 1 or topic option 2 and post your response, by the close of day Thurs Jan 20 by clicking the “Create Thread” option within this forum. 
You will also need two replies in your response to your clasmates or to your instructor. In total, you will need 3 posts on at least 3 separate days. Please make sure to run your spell checker and proofread your work; point deduction will be made for spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Consider using Grammarly for free, real-time grammar checking! 
Topic Option 1: (150- word minimum) Johnny is severely allergic to bees, and carries and EpiPen with him at all times. While playing out in the yard, Johnny gets stung by a bee and begins to have trouble breathing. His mother injects him with the EpiPen and calls 911. First, what is the generic and trade names associated with an EpiPen? What are some of the reasons an EpiPen are used, other than allergic reactions? How does this type of medication help in these life threatening situations? Lastly, what route is an EpiPen given, and in what location on the body?
Topic Option 2 (150-word minimum): Diuretics are a type of drug that increase urine excretion. There are five different categories, according to their action. Review pages 241-245. Choose one of the five categories and describe the following about the one you chose. Which one did you chose? What are the uses? What are some of the possible sides effects. Lastly, what precautions should be taken?