Week 1 – Discussion Forum 1

19Jan 2022 by

Our motivations to consume are varied and complex and are influenced by many variables, including culture and technology. Consumer behavior is a process and marketers have to understand the wants and needs of different consumer segments to be able to successfully connect with customers. Some of the important consumer trends that will impact marketing strategies are:

Sharing economy

Authenticity and personalization
Interconnection and the Internet of Things

Diversity and multiculturalism

Blurring of gender roles
Changes driven by COVID-19’s pandemic

Social shopping
Healthy and ethical living

Income equality

Pick 5 of these trends and define them in your own words. Then discuss how you believe these trends have changed your consumption behavior in you, your family or among your friends.
    Tip: Each trend and its example should be minimum of 70 words for a total of minimum 350 words.